Vancouver Island Java User Group VIJUG

where Java geeks meet on the island.

Announcement: Vancouver Island Java User Group VIJUG launched

We are pleased to announce the first step to the formation of the Vancouver
Island Java User Group. Our home can be found at
As a first step we provide a free mailinglist open to anybody interested.
We aim to be a platform for all Java related topics.

Technically this ranges from the Java programming language itself, other
languages using a Java Virtual Machine like Jython, Groovy and
others, the
various application servers, development tools and the wide range of libraries and software available.

But of course we are also interested to exchange experiences from various
projects, cooperate on open source development, discuss employment and
contract opportunities and in general further the wide range of Java usage and
it’s status in the high tech community on Vancouver Island.

We welcome beginners and senior developers alike. Software architects,
IT managers, team leaders and recruiters and anybody interested in the Java
community on Vancouver Island is welcome to join us.

We are looking forward to hear from you on the list.