Vancouver Island Java User Group VIJUG

where Java geeks meet on the island.

Open Invitation to Join Vancouver Island Java User Group VIJUG

Are you as enthusiastic about Java as we are? Do you want to meet fellow Java
developers on Vancouver Island? Do you think it is way cool to run your code on
a small mobile phone, on your Linux PC at home, the Windows box at work and the
big Solaris server at the hosting company?

We want to chat about patterns and code
samples, about Ant and Maven, about
Tomcat and all the app servers
out there. We want to share our knowledge about all the cool games done
in Java and talk
about our
favourite IDEs and JVM implementations. We can’t
wait to find out what
you want to tell us about and discuss with us. Or do you need help with
something? Looking for a contract or an employment opportunity? You never know
you might just meet the right people on the list.

So come on and join us. All you have to do is check
out our site at and subscribe to the free

We hope to hear from you soon on the list.


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