Vancouver Island Java User Group VIJUG

where Java geeks meet on the island.

Wow – what a great first meeting!

Okay … VIJUG started less than a month ago. We are already more than 60 members. And yesterday we had our first meeting with an attendance of 19 people. That is awesome.

So what happened last night? After arriving shortly before eight at the How2Share Technologies office we barely started chatting when more people started to trickle in. We kept introducing each other and got to a stage where too many people arrived. Enthusiastic conversations broke out across the room. Beers were opened and laughter was had aplenty.

We did a round of introducing each other to get a feel for who everybody is, what they do with Java and other technologies and what they would like from VIJUG. We regularly drifted off into various subjects during this round, because there are just too many interesting topics. After finishing the round we jumped topics and discussion around the group and talked about all sorts of stuff (in no particular order):

  • UML
  • Cornell DARPA Grand Challenge
  • Best practices
  • Agile development
  • Alternative JVM’s
  • JBoss
  • JDK versions
  • AOP
  • J2ME
  • Hibernate
  • IDE’s
  • and lots more…

It seems like we got a very broad skills set shared across all of us. We got C++ programmers, Smalltalkers, OO architecture gurus, unbelievably skilled hackers, hardware people, beginners and everything in between and outside you can imagine. And we all share a passion for Java.

We kept on talking from eight till after ten thirty and only stopped because Pucky threw us out. And he was right to do so too 😉

Anyway .. a few things I want to mention that we agreed to do going forward.

  • We will have another meeting soon. At this stage we are aiming for monthly meetings. There was a desire for more meetings, but we will start off with monthly and see how it pans out.
  • There is a desire to start a beginner project. At this stage the list is available for help.
  • We agree that we want a presentation for the next meeting in addition to the discussions. We have multiple volunteers and material that can be used is available.
  • We might organize a group training with some trainers specially coming to Victoria.
  • Some people volunteered to get in contact with the CS department of Camosun College (and I think also UVIC) just advertising the existence of VIJUG.
  • We will all post more on the list 😉

Oh .. and some photos can be found here. Thanks Jon.

I am looking forward to the next meeting. We will sort out more on the list. If I forgot anything critical, please let me know.


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