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O'Reilly ETel Conference – discounts available

According to O’Reilly the O’Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference prepares you to ride the wave of disruption and improve your communications in unconventional ways through these new open technologies. From projects to products to players, ETel provides a map of the evolving telephony horizon and gives you the charts you need to navigate the new communications opportunities ahead. Read on more if this conference might be interesting to you as a Java user/developer.

The buzz around VOIP and internet based communication going mainstream has been around for a while now. Once you have used Skype to phone your relatives overseas and talked for hours without paying a cent it will dawn on you that there are big changes coming. The Etel conference goes in a lot more detail about the various strands of this development.

At least one talk “Nokia on Eclipse, J2ME, SIP, and Handset Development” seems to touch on Java and would definitely be interesting. There are many others I would love to go to like “Ruby on Rails with Asterisk”, “VC Fireside Chat for Emerging Entrepreneurs”, “Democratization and Open Source”, “Linux on Cell Phones” and definitely “Disruption = Innovation: Using Open Source to Make Tomorrow’s Mobile Telephony Applications” and quite a few more. There might be others for you as well. Check out the program. And if you are able to go be sure to let us know how it was.

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