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VIJUG member open sources desktop conferencing software

Jon Taylor, a member of the Vancouver Island Java User Group from Victoria, British Columbia,
Canada, has recently released his platform independent desktop conferencing software under the GNU Public Licence(GPL).

The project is hosted at and SourceForge and has gradually increased usability, features and usage over the past few months. Under the new licence businesses and individuals can adopt and extend the functionality to better suit their needs. was created to offer the same service as WebEx, GoToMeeting and Infinite Conferencing. It uses a P2P (peer to peer) network to connect computers through firewalls and therefore does not require a dedicated server to
stream data. This makes it easy to set up and low cost to operate.

Presentations are started from the web using Java WebStart and attendees join by running a client from the web. Attendees will see the desktop of the presenters computer. is useful for collaboration when working remotely, customer support, sales previews, client training and can be used as a remote desktop solution.

The current features include multi-user presentations, variable image compression, optional encryption, audio for users with microphones and speakers, cross platform support, optional remote control/access and adjustable resolution.

New features are already on the drawing board. Currently the main effort goes towards a code base clean-up and better build system setup and documentation.

With a bit of help from the community WebPresenter can be a great alternative to paying monthly fees for regular users of desktop collaborations.

Check it all out at and

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