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Feburary 2006 VIJUG meeting

Wow. We got promotional items for the meeting! We have some books from Sun and other toys as well as review books from OReilly. You gotta come to this meeting to get your hands on some goodies. In addition we have a great presentation to look forward to as well: Martin Davis will present JUMP Unified Mapping Platform

Sun Microsystems of Canada, Victoria office, 201-1290 Broad St.
Wednesday, 22th February 2006(fourth Wednesday of the month), 17:30
Our presentations this month is entitled JUMP & JTS – Open Source Java tools for Spatial Data Processing. The JUMP Unified Mapping Platform is a GUI platform for working with spatial data. The JTS Topology Suite is an API providing a geometry model and numerous geometric functions. Both of these tools are 100% Pure Java and Open Source. Together they provide a powerful, easy-to-use toolset for building applications for spatial data processing. Martin Davis from Vivid Solutions is the designer and lead developer of these projects. He will discuss their capabilities and talk about the experience of creating open source Java software.
We got a whole bunch of promotional material from Sun including Dukes, pins, pens and more as well as 3 books to give away. In addition we have a whole bunch of review book copies from OReilly to give out to prospective reviewers.
All VIJUG members and anybody else interested.

We hope to meet you there.