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September 2007 VIJUG meeting

I am back in the swing of things at work hacking away with Java every day. That feels good. So of course we also got to have a VIJUG meeting. Especially since JetBrains is donating IntelliJ licenses for the presenter and for a raffle. Let see what we will be up to this month.

GenoLogics Life Sciences Software Inc., boardroom, Suite 2302 at the Vancouver Island Technology Park (4464 Markham Street)
Wednesday, 26th September 2007, 17:30

VRMapper project Overview

VRMapper is an all-in-one photographic surveying, mapping and visulaization system. The system enables users to capture a local network of birds-eye aerial panorama photographs (up to 25 feet above GL) that can then be immersively viewed/analysed and used to visually map/measure point/line/polyline features with accurate and quantifiable results (horizontal & vertical).

The project integrates various geographic information domains (surveying, image processing, geospatial data, eclipse RCP, large scale java libraries (uDig/GeoTools or could be done with openJUMP framework). Jim Sutherland will present an overview of the project including the workflow and requirements design.

No Fluff Just Stuff Recap

Manfred Moser will recapture his experience of going down to Seattle for the No Fluff Just Stuff conference

We are going to raffle off a free personal license of IntelliJ IDEA as well as a couple of backpacks and some T-shirts. The presenter will also get a IntelliJ license.
All VIJUG members and anybody else interested.

We hope to meet you there.


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