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February 2008 VIJUG Meeting – ICEfaces

Suitable to the weather we have had this winter and might still have with the next meeting we will be talking about ICEfaces, the slick open source AJAX application framework made in Canada and since last year partly in Victoria.

Vancouver Island Java User GroupVancouver Island Technology Park, Small Boardroom – 4464 Markham Street, Victoria, BC
Tuesday, 26th February 2008, 18:00-19:30

Deryk Sinotte is a senior developer at ICESoft, the company that manages the
ICEfaces open-source project. He will present the ICEFaces AJAX application framework.

ICEfaces is an integrated Ajax application framework that enables Java EE application developers to easily create and deploy thin-client rich Internet applications (RIA) in pure Java. ICEfaces is a fully featured product that enterprise developers can use to develop new or existing Java EE applications at no cost.

ICEfaces leverages the entire standards-based Java EE ecosystem of tools and execution environments. Rich enterprise application features are developed in pure Java, and in a pure thin-client model. There are no Applets or proprietary browser plug-ins required. ICEfaces applications are JavaServer Faces (JSF) applications, so Java EE application development skills apply directly and Java developers are isolated from doing any JavaScript related development.

Deryk will be talking about the origins and architecture of ICEfaces, demonstrate some applications and portlets that use ICEfaces, and answer any questions that the audience may have.

We will raffle off a personal license for IntelliJ IDEA sponsored by JetBrains as well as an ipod nano sponsored by ICEsoft.
All VIJUG members and anybody else interested are welcome to attend.

We hope to meet you there.


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