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Sun Spots shining for VIJUG

Sun Microsystems has been a sponsor of our Vancouver Island JUG pretty much since the beginning and now and then we get some JUG care package sent up our way. And just recently we got a killer of a care package. Check this out.

So we got a few cool books to give away namely:

  • Solaris Application Programming by Darryl Gove
  • Clean Code – A Handbook of Agiel Software Craftsmanship by Robert C. Martin
  • Google Web Toolkit Solutions by David Geary and Rob Gordon
  • Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA – Creating Great Mobile Applications by Jonathan Knudsen

We will give these away at the next meetings in addition to some backpacks we got from Sun quite a while ago. In addition we got a stack of white JUG member t-shirts in various sizes. These represent the next best thing to our own VIJUG t-shirt, which we unfortunately don’t have yet.

But in the end all that is nothing. What is really cool is that we got a Sun Spot Java Development Kit from Sun Labs. It includes 2 full Sun SPOT devices and a base station, as well as development tools, tutorials, sample code and accessories. The Sun Spot devices are small wireless devices with a bunch of sensors and actuators in it, that you can easily program using Java, since they got a small JVM – Squawk on it. Its pretty awesome and combined with some hardware hacking can do really amazing stuff. I saw a few demos at Java One 2007 and was really impressed and hoping to get my hands on and SDK at some stage. You should check out the Sun Spot World, the google tech talk video or some of the video on YouTube. And guess what.. they are here on my desk right now and my Ubuntu laptop is happily talking to them ;-). If only I had more time for hacking.

Of course I want all of you to have to opportunity to play around with the device so I will bring them to all VIJUG meetings in the future so you can have a look as well as try out some code you wrote with the emulator bundled with the SDK. You will all be able to get your hands on them since you can borrow them out for temporary use for a little project. Of course it would be great to get a little presentation what you got up to with them. In one of the upcoming meetings I will present the devices in action.

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