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Our new sponsor – eApps Hosting

Hosted by eAppsWith all the recent problem VIJUG has been having with our hosting provider we were very pleased to get back to eApps Hosting and taking up an offer we received from them months ago. What followed was truly amazing.

With very quick turn around VIJUG received access to a brand new VPS under the Standard Max Plan. As you can see we are now able to host Java applications easily as well as the usual LAMP stuff you get from shared hosting. The migration to VPS hosting has been quite an eye-opener for myself. Even though I could administrate the machine just fine from the command line via ssh, the power and ease of use of the Parallels business automation user interface has proven to be extremely useful. From my impression so far the support has been outstanding and I totally agree with many of the testimonials of other customers.

And now as if that was not enough eApps Hosting is offering our members a discount of up to 10% off of the cost of the Java Virtual Private Server hosting plans.

Thanks eApps for everything so far.


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