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April 2010 VIJUG Meeting – Android

AndroidFourth month of the year, fourth meeting. Seems like we are going well so far with meetings. This time it is time again for Manfred Moser to present. He will be giving an overview of the mobile phone and device operating system Android from the Open Handset Alliance.

When and Where:
Thursday, 22th April 2010, 18:00-20:00 at Salus Systems Office, Suite 23 – 3318 Oak Street, Victoria, BC, Salus Systems
An Introduction to Android and Android application development presented by Manfred Moser from simpligility.

By now everybody with some technology interest has probably heard about that Google phone stuff and Android, but there are still lots of open questions like

  • So is it really Linux?
  • Is it using the JVM?
  • Do I have to write apps in Java?
  • What apps can I write and how can I publish them?
  • Do I have to use Eclipse?
  • What devices can and does Android run on?
  • Is it really open source?

Manfred is going to try to answer all these questions and many more as well as show a little demo application and how it works internally. He will explain a few of the Android framework aspect and what API’s are available as well as hopefully lead a good discussion about the current developments.

Manfred Moser is a long time passionate Linux and Java user and developer and founder of VIJUG. He has been fascinated by the promise of Android for a while and is now living the dream by working as Android application developer. He is also committer on the Maven Android Plugin and author of the Android chapter of the book Maven: The Complete Reference. Simpligility Technologies Inc.
We will raffle off a personal license for IntelliJ IDEA sponsored by JetBrains. JetBrains
a JRebel license from zeroturnaround Zeroturnaround
one copy of each Apache Maven 2: The Definitive Guide, Apache Maven 2: Effective Implementation and Nexus Book: Repository Management with Nexus all sponsored by Sonatype Sonatype - The Maven Company
All VIJUG members and anybody else interested are welcome to attend. If you intend to come please send an email or register with the Facebook event or just show up.

We hope to meet you there.