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May 2011 VIJUG Meeting – Code generation: going all the way

A seasoned programmer and modelling guru as well as a great speaker from past VIJUG meetings, Rafael will show us how close you can get to the holy grail of end to end integration of model and executable code nowadays. If you just follow the right practices and use the right tools. There will be lots of opportunity to learn and discuss.

Vancouver Island Technology Park, Conference Center Room – 4464 Markham Street, Victoria, BC
Thursday, 26th May 2011, 18:00-20:00
Code generation: going all the way
Code generation is an integral part of many different tools, including compilers, modeling tools, IDEs, and frameworks. With a balanced mix of concepts and practice, this presentation will focus on code generation from abstract domain models as a means to increase quality, productivity, comprehensibility, and platform independence. We will examine some real-world tools and how they implement code generation. We will walk through several strategies for code generation, from the most limited approaches like scaffolding, to code generation on steroids: generating complete code from executable models, business logic included.
Rafael Chaves is a seasoned software developer with more than 10 years of experience developing object-oriented system-level software, development tools and business applications on the Java platform. His main interest is software development quality and productivity, with a focus on model-driven development.

He is the founder at Abstratt Technologies, where his team is currently working hard to release AlphaSimple to the world early this summer. AlphaSimple is an online environment for model-driven development that helps eliminate gaps in requirements and streamlines development.

We will raffle off a personal license for IntelliJ IDEA sponsored by JetBrains. JetBrains
a JRebel license from zeroturnaround Zeroturnaround
All VIJUG members and anybody else interested are welcome to attend. If you intend to come please send an email or register with the Facebook event or just show up.

We hope to meet you there.


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