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It is time to start using a repository manager – December 2012

Declarative and automatic transitive dependency management have been around since Apache Maven started ten years ago. Pretty much every build system supports it and by default most of them download from the Central Repository. Everybody complains their tool “downloading the internet” and slow build times. Yet repository managers like Sonatype Nexus have been around for years and can fix these and many other problems. Learn how you can enjoy faster builds, better cooperation among your teams, secured downloads from the Central Repository and a lot more about Component Lifecycle Management CLM and Repository Driven Development RDD in this VIJUG meeting.

xMatters, 947 Fort St., Suite 620, Victoria, BC,
Thursday, 13th December 2012, 18:00-20:00
Manfred Moser will show you how easy it is to set up and start using Sonatype Nexus and give you a whirlwind tour of all the advantages you can gain from using a repository manager. You will learn what benefits you can gain from managing your components as part of your software development process and why you should care about security issues of components you are using and licenses used by these components. You will see how Nexus exposes a lot of valuable data to you and saves you from following security mailing lists and digging through vulnerability databases. The concept of repository driven development will be introduced as a way to think about your software components moving through systems from source to production and what tools you might want to investigate as a next step. And of course Manfred will be demoing a lot of things and be available to answer any of your questions.
Among other things, Manfred Moser is author of the book Repository Management with Nexus and trainer for Apache Maven and Sonatype Nexus with Sonatype. He is also an avid Android developer, Java/JVM enthusiast and founder of VIJUG. Find out more about his activities on his company website – simpligility technologies
  • A number of hardcopies of the book Repository Management with Nexus provided by Sonatype
  • A few Sonatype Nexus T-shirts provided by Sonatype
All VIJUG members and anybody else interested are welcome to attend. If you intend to come RSVP on the G+ event, send an email or just drop by.

We hope to meet you there.


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