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JavaOne 2014 Waiting for VIJUG Members

Last years JaveOne event was said to have been the best JavaOne since Oracle took the reigns of the conference. Since then Java 8 has been officially released and from all I can tell Java 7 is finally gone beyond Java 6 and is the most widely used Java version for developers. And like myself a lot of us are looking forward to use Java 8 and one day even Java 9. And Java 8 is everywhere at JavaOne this year. Have a look at the schedule! Over 500 sessions in total with a lot of them related to Java 8. Going to JavaOne this year will definitely be a great opportunity to learn a LOT about Java 8.

I would also want to learn more about where JavaFX is these days and would love to check out the UI smackdown. And of course I would want to check out where Java Embedded is going and how it is competing with Android and players in that field and beyond in the internet of things. And of course there are a lot of interesting sessions about cloud deployment and production management of your Java applications and others that are definitely worth checking out and many also promising to be quite entertaining. Here are a few I would love to attend

And that is just a small list. It is really impressive whats in store at JavaOne in a few days. So much to learn and enjoy!

And guess what .. if you contact me (manfred at mosabuam dot com) quickly you can still take advantage of the user group discount code as well as the early bird discount. Thats a discount that gets you the flight ticket down there.. now you just gotta hook up with a friend from the valley for a place to stay 😉

So what you are waiting for. Join me and lets go to JavaOne together.


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