Vancouver Island Java User Group VIJUG

where Java geeks meet on the island.


In general VIJUG can use any help it can get. Have a look and give us a hand!


As a individual with an interest in the Java platform including Java, Groovy, Scala, Clojure, Android and many more topics you can help VIJUG with any of these easy steps:

  • join the mailing list and the facebook group
  • post questions and answers on the mailinglist
  • get your friends and colleagues to join
  • provide feedback about the site, the list, the meetings…
  • post about VIJUG on other media (twitter, facebook, mailing lists, company internal list, forums…)
  • thank our sponsors, especially if you win a raffle prize
  • come to the meetings
  • ask for a review book copy and write a review
  • print out meeting announcements and advertise it in your work place
  • help in the creation of the meeting announcement poster and presentation file
  • present a lightning talk
  • present a full presentation
  • create a wordpress theme for the site
  • come up with a slogan
  • design a logo for VIJUG
  • get your employer to be a sponsor
  • get other companies to be a sponsor


Apart from helping your staff with participating at VIJUG directly as an organisation you can also

  • post relevant job advertisements on the list
  • disseminate information about VIJUG to your staff
  • provide staff time to prepare a lightning talk or presentation
  • sponsor raffle prizes for our meetings
  • offer to host a meeting at your venue
  • sponsor food and/or drink for a meeting
  • sponsor creation of VIJUG specific T-shirts, coffee mugs or whatever else

We are happy to provide advertisement opportunity here on this page and on the list if so desired. Meeting specific sponsors are always advertised on the meeting announcements and during the meeting.

What do you get out of it?

As an individual you get to connect with your peers, learn with each interaction and most of all have a lot of fun with a bunch of fellow geeks.

As a company you get exposure to passionate developers and advertise to a very specific target audience. You might find your next top employee at VIJUG.